Basic Needs. Meaningful Results.

February 28, 2012 Annual Report


Our lives are complicated. The responsibilities of maintaining a family, a home, a job, and our health is a daily challenge. We are flooded with bills, forms, applications and important documents that pile up into our personal folder of life—a reflection of how hard it is to keep up.

For our Philadelphia neighbors living below the poverty level, this daily struggle is compounded by a lack of resources and ability to fight for their basic needs.  They are often at risk for losing their homes and struggle to keep themselves and their children safe and healthy.

Since 1966, Community Legal Service of Philadelphia has been dedicated to obtaining justice for these residents. Every day they stand up to fight for them and produce meaningful results, which is the subject of their newly published 2011 annual report. It contains the voices, photos, and piles of paperwork of CLS clients who have faced mortgage foreclosures, sheriff’s sales, accusations of medical neglect, and a denial of public benefits to which they were entitled. This “folder of life,” art directed and designed by Vicki Gray, is a visual collage expressing the urgent need for equal access to justice for all.



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