Monday Marks: #1

  Every Monday, for twenty-one consecutive weeks, we have blogged about a graphic mark (or marks) designed by our creative team. This series started on our 21st birthday—May 19, 2014 and officially ends TODAY with our final mark. The animation above features the graphic mark that launched this series—an origami fortune teller. Why you ask? Excellent question. We challenged…

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Our Website Stands For…

April 2, 2013 News, Self-Promotion

The launch of our new website today STANDS FOR quite a lot. For starters, it represents twenty years of hard work. It showcases over 65 samples of MGD projects, giving viewers a broad overview of our capabilities in an easy-to-view format. And, it doesn’t end there! Since our site is built in WordPress, a…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 13, 2011 Self-Promotion

This May as the flowers start to bloom, we are reminded of a colorful promotional piece we created during a stormy time in our recent history. Two years ago, many of our clients froze their marketing budgets and even considered closing their doors as a result of the recession. To give them a lift, we…

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