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Benjamin Brown

Creative Partner at MGD (since 2008)

As MGD’s resident explorer, Benjamin loves visiting new places as well as researching the latest technology, music and everything in between. His passion for exploration and staying current allows him to bring a fresh, well-informed eye to every project.

With 13 years of experience, Benjamin is a master at interpreting a client’s vision and capturing their personality. He is known for forging indispensable partnerships with clients who trust him to define and continuously expand their brands. As creative partner, Benjamin takes on a diverse array of communication projects. Each involves developing provocative strategies, directing teams of collaborators and ensuring that every creative asset delivers impact.

When he isn’t working hard in the studio, Benjamin is likely at rowing class, trying to see all the Oscar nominated films, or planning his next big trip.

Education: Harding University, Searcy, AR (BS)
Inspirations: Visiting new cities, curated art book & magazine shops, contemporary art exhibitions, Experimental Jetset, Elephant magazine,
Superpower: Creating playlists, Definitely being more nearsighted than you