Connect with Lisa:

Lisa Weinberger

Founder and Principal

With a passion for storytelling, Lisa enjoys regaling co-workers with a good anecdote. A large part of her role as creative director involves using that skill to elevate the vision and voice of our clients. She’s got a knack for determining the most effective design strategy to amplify what must be heard.

Lisa’s 30 plus years of experience translates into a thoughtful problem-solving approach that delivers on creativity, meaning and message. This can be seen across thousands of visual assets she’s crafted for socially minded organizations both locally and nationally.

In addition to her leadership at MGD, she is an active member of the community, serving on nonprofit boards, volunteering and conducting design workshops. In 2017, she teamed up with a friend to launch a national nonpartisan campaign, American Values, Religious Voices, which is now a book!


Education: Trinity College, Hartford, CT (BA)
University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Philadelphia, PA (MFA)
Jazzed Over: Dogs on the street, Israeli coffee, contemporary dance, podcasts
Superpower: Working while not working
Fact: Ran enrichment programs for underserved youth in Philly’s public schools for over 10 years