L’chaim—TO LIFE!

April 21, 2015 Branding, Logos

Nine months ago, Masters Group Design was selected to create a new name, tagline, logo, visual identity and positioning language for the Klein JCC in Northeast Philadelphia. Today, the fruits of that labor are being realized as the organization’s new identity is officially launched and a new life begins.

It was nearly 40 years ago that the Klein JCC first came to be, like so many Jewish Community Centers around the country at that time. Responding to the needs of the local Jewish community, the center provided a summer camp program, and such amenities as a gym and a pool.

Over the past four decades, the Klein JCC grew significantly to meet the evolving needs of the surrounding community. This unprecedented expansion included deepening the scope of programs and services available, broadening the culturally and religiously diverse audience it served, and multiplying the geographic reach from one location to four.

Most noteworthy though was the organization’s unique and unrivaled business model. It had become known as a home away from home for people from age two to 102—a thriving social atmosphere for seniors, a safe haven for Russian immigrants, a joyful place for children, a vital resource for those seeking social services, a wellness community for many, and for others, simply a great spot for a pick-up basketball game. From food to friendship, worship to wellness, security to sustenance, and throughout the lifecycle, the Klein JCC offered something for everybody. No longer was it “a local community center.” It was so much more. It had become a life-sustaining concept, centered in the broader community.

As the organization approached its 40th anniversary, the need for a new name—one that properly communicates the dramatic shift in offerings and the meaning it holds in people’s lives—became a priority. The visual identity would need to underscore the organization’s focus on providing life-enriching programs. And new language would need to communicate its role as a lifeline to 35,000 people each year—an invaluable resource forever guided by the Jewish value of tikkun olam.

Today, the Klein JCC gives birth to a brand new identity—one that truly reflects the organization’s mission to build community among people of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing quality of life through wellness, social, educational, and cultural programs and services.

To that we say, “L’chaim—TO LIFE!”