Monday Marks: #11

July 28, 2014 Branding, Logos, Monday Marks


Nigro Insurance Agency, Philadelphia, PA

Create a visual identity for a boutique agency providing auto, business, health and homeowners insurance to customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nigro, an established and well-recognized family name in Philadelphia, should be the focal point.

“We’re looking for a logo that is professional and confident. The ‘N’ should serve as the symbol for the business. We’d like to see something done with it graphically to convey that we’re not just about a policy. We’re about caring for our customers for the long-term.”—Nigro Insurance Agency

We displayed the name with a weighty slab serif font that suggests both substance and character—two traits that are synonymous with the business. We explored several variations regarding the treatment of the ‘N’ and landed on a tapered arc to symbolize protection, coverage and the notion that customers are encircled within a compassionate culture. The ‘N’ can be pulled out of the wordmark and used as a symbol to represent the business. We developed the tagline “Coverage with care” to clearly express the company’s philosophy of doing business and firm commitment to its customers. Click identity to see examples of this graphic mark.

Monday Marks: Every Monday, for twenty-one consecutive weeks, we’ll be blogging about a graphic mark designed by our creative team. We’ll reveal the meaning and inspiration and share the many questions that each mark seeks to answer. The series begins on our 21st birthday, May 19, 2014. BookMARK our blog and see how we have made our mark!