Monday Marks: #12



We are often hired by not-for-profit organizations to create a graphic mark and coordinated materials to promote an event. Each event is unique—requiring our careful understanding of the agency’s goals and target audience. All of the graphic packages have a distinct personality thread consistently through multiple pieces, which include save the date cards, invitations, banners, posters, program books and multi-media presentations.


CLIENT: Gratz College

BUSINESS: Jewish Education

reMARKS: We were asked to brand Gratz College’s annual fundraising event using their 2014 theme: “How to be Good in the Real World.” We wanted to draw viewers in with a large, condensed four-character focal point, emphasizing the most impactful word, “GOOD.” The other words are constructed around it, based on a hierarchy of key concepts. “World” is the second-most emphasized word, and “real” acts as a qualifier that reiterates how challenging it can be to maintain a strong sense of ethics in real-world situations. The mark is tied to the institutional brand through color and maintains a youthful college-age vibe.  View samples from the event graphic package.


CLIENT: Congregation Kol Ami

BUSINESS: Synagogue

reMARKS: Golf outings are a fun and popular fundraising event. Kol Ami put their own spin on the concept to include golf AND tennis. We created a mark that bridges the two sports with a whimsical and inviting ampersand. Photographs of a golf and tennis ball are strategically placed to drive home the idea that you can do more than just golf. The full event graphic incorporates natural imagery to evoke the idyllic nature of spending a day on the golf course or tennis courts and inspire people to attend. View samples from the event graphic package.


CLIENT: Women’s Way

BUSINESS: Women’s Rights

reMARKS: The Powerful Voice Awards is an annual event in Philadelphia that draws over 1,200 people in support of women’s rights. It’s inspiring and BIG! The goal of our  graphic approach was to build stronger name recognition for an event which, in previous years, had been overshadowed by themed titles, or simply referred to as “the dinner” or “annual fundraiser.” By making the official name the subject of the design, we were able to command attention and signal the power, prestige and excitement that has historically defined this signature event. View samples from event graphic package.


CLIENT: Jewish Relief Agency

BUSINESS: Community Service

reMARKS: JRA is very humble about their tremendous contributions to the community, so we knew a flashy look would not be right for their annual event. For the event materials, we handcrafted an understated stamp-like mark and applied it to a cardboard background. The application of the mark to cardboard was a significant, meaningful choice since JRA serves 3,200 families monthly by delivering food in brown boxes—an iconic symbols for their work. The aesthetic underscores the hands-on, hard-working nature of the JRA and speaks to the positive imprint the organization makes on the lives of vulnerable Jews throughout our region. View examples of the event graphic package.