Monday Marks: #18

June 9, 2014 Branding, Logos, Monday Marks



Fitler Square Improvement Association, Philadelphia, PA

Create a visual identity for Fitler Square, a quaint urban park dating back to 1896 and beloved by neighbors as Philadelphia’s perfect square. Nestled between 23rd and 24th Streets along both Panama and Pine Streets, Fitler Square features a beautiful cast-iron Victorian fountain at its center, surrounded by a menagerie of animal sculptures—a ram, a family of turtles, and a grizzly bear.


We wanted the logo to embody that “perfect square” sentiment by displaying the park name within a square shape. The fountain is illustrated at the logo’s center to reflect its central location in the park. We were particularly inspired by Eric Berg’s sculptures “Family of Turtles” and “Grizzly,” so both permanent park dwellers are represented.

The mark was designed with the idea that color would be interchangeable on all printed and digital communications, provided that the color choices fit within a lively palette to capture the neighborhood’s vibrant energy.

“Thank you again for creating such a perfectly wonderful logo for our perfectly wonderful park. I’m feeling the love and kvelling!”

Judy Zimering, President



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