Monday Marks: #19

June 2, 2014 Branding, Logos, Monday Marks



Jewish Learning Venture, Melrose Park, PA

Create a visual identity for Jewish Learning Venture,  a community agency  passionately committed to Jewish education and engagement. The logo should be bold and dynamic—emblematic of an organization that empowers the community to connect to Jewish life. As the Jewish Learning Venture serves as a central hub for educational tools, innovative resources and inspiration, the logo should serve as a beacon to draw people together and engage in learning. It should be reflective of an organization fearless of change and one that encourages innovation in response to the growth and evolving needs of the Jewish community.

We ventured out on this mark by using an unconventional approach imbued with layers of meaning. It is, at first, enigmatic, begging such questions as, “what is it?”  Is it a “V”?  Is it an “L”?  Is it a flame?  Is it a Hebrew letter?

Answer: It’s an invitation to ask a question, which is at the very core of Jewish learning. If you don’t ask, you don’t learn.

This is a mark that celebrates multiple perspectives and diverse ways of experiencing Jewish learning.

The mark also invokes several important references reflecting the essence of Jewish Leaning Venture:

An eternal light or flame to represent a sustainable enterprise with a strong and radiant vision. The fiery red color was a must here.
A calligraphic form, evocative of hand-scribed Hebrew, to communicate the importance of Jewish text, which is at the heart of Jewish learning.
Dynamism! This is a graphic mark with potential. It can be flipped and turned, connected and repeated in various patterns and permutations. This flexibility suggests not only the numerous ways in which the community learns but also the innovative ways in which the organization pursues its mission. Like the work of Jewish Learning Venture, the logo is dimensional and dynamic. It represents an institution that encourages learning in new ways, through different lenses, with the purpose of making Judaism meaningful and relevant to all.

“Thank you for immersing yourselves in the culture of our agency, and for helping to birth our new name, logo and brand. Your thoughtfulness, creativity, flexibility, patience are certainly hallmarks of your studio. Jewish Learning Venture has benefited greatly from working with you!”

—Rabbi Philip Warmflash, Executive Director



Monday Marks: Every Monday, for twenty-one consecutive weeks, we’ll be blogging about a graphic mark designed by our creative team. We’ll reveal the meaning and inspiration and share the many questions that each mark seeks to answer. The series begins on our 21st birthday, May 19, 2014. BookMARK our blog and see how we have made our mark!


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