Monday Marks: #20

May 26, 2014 Branding, Logos, Monday Marks



Valley Green Bank, Philadelphia, PA

Create a visual identity for a community bank in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.  It will be led by a local team of business leaders who know and understand the residents as well as the nuances of the business community. Their personal connection, dedication to being responsive, and desire to provide old-fashioned personal service will define the brand.

The identity should convey connection, strength, and that our customers really count. It should be influential, institutional, and reflective of an open-minded community—one that draws socially, ethnically and culturally diverse people together in a shared environment. It should be dynamic and energetic, mirroring the creative vibe of Mt. Airy.

We chose an inscriptional font for the display of the bank name. Much like the public buildings in Rome, marked by plaques with chiseled letters, we wanted the bank name to signal permanency and institutional strength.

The graphic mark originated as a number sign (#). We saw the opportunity for strong intersecting lines to appear like woven tapestry, suggestive of diverse parts coming together in a shared space. This concept, we hoped, would become a metaphor for a bank that positions itself as part of the fabric of community. The Wissahickon creek and the criss-crossed trails of the nearby park are also visually referenced in this graphic—further acknowledging the bank’s local roots.

Once the mark was completed, we created the tagline, “You Count With Us.” The message emphasizes the bank’s dedication to its neighbors and customers. It’s also a cool pun.

“This mark was created in 2005 to launch the first Valley Green Bank branch. There are now three locations in the Philadelphia area, each maintaining a dynamic and creative vibe. The message of strength, personal connection, and commitment to the local community remain hallmarks of the brand.”

—Lisa Weinberger, Creative Director



Monday Marks: Every Monday, for twenty-one consecutive weeks, we’ll be blogging about a graphic mark designed by our creative team. We’ll reveal the meaning and inspiration and share the many questions that each mark seeks to answer. The series begins on our 21st birthday, May 19, 2014. BookMARK our blog and see how we have made our mark!


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