Monday Marks: #9



Eisenhower Fellowships, Philadelphia, PA

Create logos for the Eisenhower Fellowships “unConference” to be held in two cities—St. Louis and Philadelphia. Each location should have its own mark referencing the host city in some way, while appearing modern, fresh, smart and simple. UnConferences are, by their very nature, more open, innovative and participant-driven than conventional conferences. The marks should reflect the untraditional aspect of these forums.

For the St. Louis unConference, we featured the most recognizable symbol of that city— the Gateway Arch. In constructing the arch, we used two arrows meeting, representing the lateral communication that is characteristic of unConferences.

For the Philadelphia event, we referenced the city—as well as the concept of innovation—by illustrating a key being struck by lightning, à la Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment. The key doubles as the “F” in the word “UnConference.” We chose a slab serif so the “F” would clearly resemble a skeleton key.

“These look terrific! We love the work you did.” 
—Erin Hillman, Director at Eisenhower Fellowships

Monday Marks: Every Monday, for twenty-one consecutive weeks, we’ll be blogging about a graphic mark designed by our creative team. We’ll reveal the meaning and inspiration and share the many questions that each mark seeks to answer. The series begins on our 21st birthday, May 19, 2014. BookMARK our blog and see how we have made our mark!