Our Website Stands For…

April 2, 2013 News, Self-Promotion



The launch of our new website today STANDS FOR quite a lot. For starters, it represents twenty years of hard work. It showcases over 65 samples of MGD projects, giving viewers a broad overview of our capabilities in an easy-to-view format. And, it doesn’t end there! Since our site is built in WordPress, a system that makes uploading content a breeze, we’ll be adding new work on a regular basis—even daily. We invite you to check back often.

New features in the Work section include the ability to search by category or by client. Additionally, we’ve added notes that provide background on select projects. Notes are located under the client’s name. Just click on the orange link, like this example.




We merged our Blog onto the site so “work” and “words” can be housed under one roof. Now you don’t need to remember yet another url. So efficient!

Do you want to read the cliff notes on our 20-year history? If so, head to the “In a Nutshell” sidebar on the Our Story page. If you have a longer attention span, read the complete version and learn more about our humble beginnings, our cool clients, and what the “group” in Masters Group Design really means. This page will also navigate you to:

• super Kind Words by clients (blush), and
• our Creative Team.

Be sure to check out the team’s individual pages—Vicki, Benjamin and me, Lisa. Each features a story, a related illustration, and a creative brief. Consistent with our hallmark trait, we opted for a personal approach to the traditional staff bio (yawn). We hope this will help you to get to know us better. Our amazing collaborators are profiled here too.

Call, fax, email, visit, “LIKE” us on Facebook, or fill out an employment form. There’s no shortage of ways to Get in Touch and no reason to say you don’t know how to get to Midtown Village. Yes, there’s a map.

My endless gratitude is extended to:

•  My creative partners, Vicki and Benjamin, for their constant creativity, unbeatable work ethic, and enthusiasm for this l-o-n-g lasting project. They spent countless hours planning, designing, and attending to details while they were simultaneously consumed with client projects. I’m grateful for a team of stunning multi-taskers who never seem to wince.

• The great Laurie Beck of Beck Photography for her brilliant eye and the care she took to sensitively arrange and capture our work in hundreds (and hundreds!) of digital images. With her usual easy-going style and consummate professionalism, Laurie tackled this monumental task as if it was nuthin.’

• Our team of reviewers who diligently plowed through each page and offered helpful feedback for improvement.

• Our extraordinary editor, Janice Fisher, whose capacity to improve clarity and meaning is beyond measure.

And, last but not least,

• Our website collaborator, Beth Blinebury, whose zeal for this project was so contagious we never lost our enthusiasm for it. She was fired up from day one to take on new challenges and come up with creative solutions to our weighty sack of design wishes. She replied to every email request with a smile—we could just tell. Thanks to Beth’s magic, our custom design was developed seamlessly into a responsive and user friendly site (mobile site to come soon). We are over the moon with delight.

Now that we’ve completed our website, we’re ready to design yours! You know how to Get in Touch.