Redefining LBBC’s Look

December 7, 2011 Annual Report


For this year’s annual report, Living Beyond Breast Cancer sought a high impact product. Their theme, “Redefining Definitions,” inspired us to create a piece that could “live beyond” the organization’s yearly reporting.

Dividing their content into two halves—one dedicated to outlining the programs and services of the organization and the other serving as a report on the fiscal year—made it possible to create a multipurpose product. Put together, the halves constitute the annual report, but the first 24 pages can stand alone as an independent organizational brochure.

We are currently transitioning the design elements to LBBC’s other collateral to create a visually integrated system based on this compelling theme. So far, we extended it to a year-end solicitation, thank you postcards, email banners, a panel card marketing LBBC’s Survivors’ Helpline and conference postcards.

Our creative direction was enriched by a new collection of stunning photographs taken by Laurie Beck. Each woman featured is an LBBC volunteer whose life has been affected by breast cancer. Their grace and beauty contributed to a boundless layout that emphasized the idea of “living beyond.”

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See more views of the information brochure under Promotional.