April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 13, 2011 Self-Promotion


This May as the flowers start to bloom, we are reminded of a colorful promotional piece we created during a stormy time in our recent history.

Two years ago, many of our clients froze their marketing budgets and even considered closing their doors as a result of the recession. To give them a lift, we created a special stimulus “package” that encouraged them to stay visible, cultivate their business, and grow.

The self-mailer was inspired by vintage seed packaging and fruit crate labels. We offered a discount off our design services and, as a lasting symbol of prosperity, we enclosed peony seeds for clients to plant.

Like many businesses, we too were faced with limited resources to promote ourselves. We greeted this challenge as an opportunity and found creative ways to manufacture this piece for under $100. We developed the concept and design when we had holes in our schedule. We found a paper supplier who gave us free samples of 100% recycled paper, which we used for the entire run on our studio printer. We all took turns cutting, scoring, folding, taping, and assembling each piece by hand. Special thanks to former staff member Bernardo Margulis, who set up shop on our cutting board for hours at a time. The seeds were purchased in California from a discount supplier, and our only other costs were glassine envelopes (for the seeds) and stamps.

It’s amazing how you can stretch limited resources when you’re inspired to grow.

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