Goodbye dot net. Hello dot com!

March 1, 2012 News


Being a dot net had its disadvantages.

For starters, it was way too sporty for a bunch of creative designer types. The net imagery just didn’t work for us (know what I’m sayin’?). The biggest draw back, however, was the frustration from clients who assumed we were a dot com. They’d often complain that emails were bouncing back or that they couldn’t find us on the web. We got tired of saying, “It’s because we’re dot NET not dot COM.” Silence. Apparently being a dot net just wasn’t, um, cool.

Over a decade ago, when we were poking around for a domain name, dot com wasn’t available so we scored a runner-up finish. It’s caused a bit of a headache but as March rolled in today—not so much like a lion—it brought lovely weather and a new domain name for us!

It’s official. We are now Please contact us directly through our new email addresses:

[email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].