We design for love.

But, having a stand-out mission doesn’t always come with a stand-out budget. That’s why we take on pro-bono LOVE PROJECTS. We want you to stand out! View our newest project below and then, make your pitch. Submit an idea for MGD to design pro-bono.   Inspiring a Divided Nation MGD’s Most Recent LOVE PROJECT   In 2016, after one of the most…

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Our Website Stands For…

April 2, 2013 News, Self-Promotion

The launch of our new website today STANDS FOR quite a lot. For starters, it represents twenty years of hard work. It showcases over 65 samples of MGD projects, giving viewers a broad overview of our capabilities in an easy-to-view format. And, it doesn’t end there! Since our site is built in WordPress, a…

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Goodbye dot net. Hello dot com!

March 1, 2012 News

Being a dot net had its disadvantages. For starters, it was way too sporty for a bunch of creative designer types. The net imagery just didn’t work for us (know what I’m sayin’?). The biggest draw back, however, was the frustration from clients who assumed we were a dot com. They’d often complain that emails…

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